Getting Started in SketchUp

Getting started with SketchUp is easy, and we want to make sure that everyone, no matter their skill level, has all the information they need to begin creating their own awesome models. Whether you are new to modeling and using SketchUp for the first time, an experienced modeler already familiar with CAD software, or even a SketchUp Sage, we have all you need right here to get started making awesome 3D models. 

Downloading, Installing, and Activating

Setting Up SketchUp provides all you need to download, install, and activate SketchUp for Desktop. This includes where to download the most current versions of SketchUp, a guide to installing SketchUp, and how to activate SketchUp using your SketchUp subscription. There’s also links to information on migrating from an older to a newer version and useful information for Classic License users. 

SketchUp and Trimble ID

Your Trimble ID is not only how you sign into SketchUp, it’s how you’ll unlock access to great features like Trimble Connect, 3D Warehouse, Extension Warehouse, and more. If you need help creating your Trimble ID, or just need more information on how to manage your Trimble account, see our Trimble ID article

What’s Next?

Installing SketchUp and signing in is just the beginning. We want to give you the information you need to know to start creating awesome models. 

  • SketchUp Hardware and Software Requirements covers what you need to run SketchUp on your device and some additional tips to help improve SketchUp’s performance on your machine. 
  • Navigating the SketchUp Interface presents a guided tour of SketchUp to help you find where everything is depending on your operating system, how to set up your model templates and units of measurement, and how to set up and use SketchUp’s customizable toolbars. 
  • Preferences takes a look at each of the sections available in the Preferences menu and how to use those options can help you configure SketchUp the way that works best for you. 
  • Using SketchUp talks about using some of the basic features in SketchUp like Search, best practices for using a 3-button mouse, and what’s in the context menus. We’ve even included a quick list of helpful modeling tips and tricks.

Additional Resources

  • Quick Reference Card – SketchUp’s Quick Reference Cards are a great way to keep track of the available shortcuts and icons, especially when you are learning how to navigate and use SketchUp. 
  • Account Management –  All the information you need to manage your SketchUp subscriptions.
  • Troubleshooting – If you are having some issues, check out our Troubleshooting section for common issues you may run into and how to resolve them.
  • The SketchUp Community – The SketchUp forum is a great place where you can talk to other SketchUp users, consult with some of our experts, or even learn something new!
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