iPad Panels

A stunning 3D model is about more than just drawing lines and shapes. You can breathe life into your models with the options available in SketchUp for iPad's panels.

Panels live on the right side of the SketchUp for iPad interface. Each panel represents a different group of available options to help you take your model to the next level. We've listed each panel in the table below along with its icon and a link where you can learn more about how it works.

Icon Panel Name Learn More
Entity Info Panel Entity Info Entity Info Panel
Shadows Panel Shadows Shadows Panel
Materials Panel Materials Materials Panel
Scenes Panel Scenes Scenes Panel
Tags Panel Tags Tags Panel and Tool
Styles Panel Styles Styles Panel
Display Panel Display Display Panel
Model Info Panel Model Info Model Info Panel
Outliner Panel Outliner Outliner Panel
Soften/Smooth Panel Soften/Smooth Soften/Smooth Panel
Help Panel Help Help Panel
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