Certified Content

When you see something marked as Certified Content in 3D Warehouse, that means the content meets the quality and usability standards defined by the SketchUp community. Certified Content is also easier to find. SketchUp subscribers can even filter their search results to only show Certified Content.

Note: The content certification program is limited to manufactured content. Certified content can be found in both the Products and Models sections of 3D Warehouse. Non-manufactured content such as architecture, interior design, and landscapes require unique certification criteria and will be evaluated for inclusion in the content certification program in the future.  


Content marked as Certified in 3D Warehouse has been evaluated using the following community standards and best practices:



Aesthetic Model is an accurate, clean, appropriately stylish, and recognizable representation of the real life product with sufficient attention to details.
Scale Modeled at real-world size. Unit and unit system are correct.
Axes Axes origin and alignment settings (glue to face, cut opening) make sense for the placement or insertion of the object.
Orientation Faces are oriented properly and consistently.
Geometry Polygon density and line segmentation are optimized for file size while adhering to acceptable tolerances for accuracy. Coplanar surfaces, empty wrappers, and invisible or inaccessible internal geometry are purged.
Materials Image resolution is minimized while providing acceptable visualization at scale.
Metadata Model contains useful metadata.
Grouping Groups, sub-components, and hierarchy levels are minimized and well organized. Naming is clear and descriptive. Materials are applied on the highest possible level.
Uncluttered Organized use of layers. Any unused layers, components, materials, styles are purged. Section planes, guides, and any stray geometry are removed.
Behavior Dynamic and Live Components function properly. Gluing components apply to relevant faces properly. Bounding box is tight to geometry. Object rotates well. Components take paint as expected.
Description Title and description are concise, logical, and relevant to the object in 3D Warehouse. Category and subcategory have been assigned. Downloaded model name is clear, descriptive, and relates to 3D Warehouse Title.
Thumbnail Model is oriented and zoomed properly to generate an identifiable thumbnail view. A thumbnail should not be placed into the model. It will be generated by our system.

For a detailed guide on how to make great certified content see Making a Great 3D Warehouse Model.

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