SketchUp Labs

At SketchUp, we pursue innovation that makes work simpler and more fun for our users. With that in mind, we’ve created SketchUp Labs. 


SketchUp Labs is a testing ground where we can share the features in development and get them out there into your hands.  That way, you get a head start using new tools and technology and a chance to help us shape the future by telling us what you think.

What is SketchUp Labs?

Here are a few things you need to know about SketchUp Labs and the features you’ll find there: 

  • SketchUp Labs is a public Beta program that is covered under Trimble’s applicable end user terms.
  • We need your feedback! With SketchUp Labs the door is wide open. Let us know if you have any suggestions on how we can improve, ideas about where we should focus, or questions about how something should work. If you’ve fallen in love with a new feature and want to tell us how much value you are getting out of it, we want to hear that too!
  • Features in SketchUp Labs are works in progress. The features you discover in SketchUp Labs will likely change and evolve as we collaborate with you. We want to make sure the features we share in Labs adhere to rigorous safety and security standards and meet a minimum quality and stability threshold while collecting information about experimental ideas. Since Labs is a place for us to test things that are in early development, things won’t always  be perfect and you may encounter a bug or two. 
  • Some features may not be released. Experiments don’t always work out. If a feature doesn’t add value to your experience or isn’t connecting with our users we may decide to shut it down. Trimble may close out a Labs feature at any time. 
  • Eligibility for the features in SketchUp Labs may change at any time. We may use Labs to test and get feedback about pricing and packaging. When it comes to Labs features, we’ll make every effort to communicate pricing and packaging changes at least 30 days before they take effect. 

Latest Features

SketchUp Diffusion

SketchUp Diffusion integrates generative AI technology into the SketchUp you know and love. Whether you are suffering from a block in your creative process, or need some extra visuals to help support the narrative you’ve established in your project, or just want to fully express your unique creative vision, Diffusion’s generative AI can help.

Generative AI requires substantial processing resources that can incur significant, variable costs. Because of that, Diffusion is a SketchUp Labs feature only available to SketchUp users with an active Go, Pro, or Studio subscription. 

LayOut’s New Graphics Engine

In the 2024.0 update, we are excited to introduce a new graphics engine for LayOut as a Labs feature! 
In LayOut, the graphics engine draws entities on pages (and redraws them as you zoom, pan, and change pages). This new engine brings LayOut screen drawing into a more modern infrastructure and provides more flexibility moving forward to improve performance. 
Early adopters have indicated that the navigation speed improvements are a noticeable and very welcome addition. We are working to finalize some known issues, but that’s why  we are releasing the LayOut graphics engine as a Labs project and seeking more feedback from a wider range of SketchUp users!. Please use this thread to report any issues you encounter using the new graphics engine. And of course, let us know if you are experiencing an improvement in handling and responsiveness in your pages… or not!

AI Model Finder for 3D Warehouse

Introducing a smarter way to search for SketchUp models, AI Model Finder! With this new SketchUp Labs experiment, you can describe what you're looking for using common phrases in whatever language you feel most comfortable with.  Our powerful search system then understands your words and finds the models best suited for what you are looking for. It's like having a personal search assistant!

SketchUp Live Components

SketchUp’s Live Components are a type of configurable component you use in your SketchUp models. You can find Live Components in 3D Warehouse where you can search for, configure, preview in 3D, and download Live Components that best suit your projects. 

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