Accounts and Administration

Your SketchUp account is your key to all the products and features available to you through your SketchUp subscription. We want to make sure you know your way around your SketchUp account and how to make the most out of it. In Accounts and Administration we provide you with all the resources you need to get things up and running:

  • Account Management - This section covers everything you can do in your Trimble Account Management Portal including managing your subscriptions, products, and product access.
  • Setting Up SketchUp - The best place for new users to begin their SketchUp experience. Learn where to download SketchUp, how installation works, and even how to uninstall if needed.
  • Trimble ID - Your Trimble ID is not just for logging into SketchUp. With your Trimble ID you get fast, secure access to SketchUp and all other Trimble products.
  • SketchUp Subscriptions - An overview of the available SketchUp subscription plans, including what each plan offers and how we support our subscribers.
  • SketchUp Classic License - Classic Licenses, also known as Perpetual Licenses, are no longer available. If you did purchase a Classic License, this section contains a lot of useful information to help out when using those older versions of SketchUp.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - For Sales, Education, and Product issues, we’ve compiled some FAQs with information not covered in other articles.
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